Friday, 26 October 2012

More Suite Perks Coming Soon?

Well it certainly appears the the FTTF program is going to be rolled out to include people that are in suites!  Although there has not been any official confirmation that FTTF is an included suite perk, it certainly looks like there is a darn good possibility of it.  Here is a picture that I snagged from the Carnival board where "cherrycola" was asking if it was automatically included or not as the logo is now appearing on his/her luggage tag.  Here is a LINK TO THE THREAD .

For any suite dwellers, don't get too excited yet folks.  Faster to the Fun is only available on the Imagination, Liberty, Destiny and Valor.  And again, no official confirmation that it will be included for suites.

Carnival has stated that FTTF  is still in the testing phase but I am sure it will be rolled out fleetwide at some point.  Will it be available for our cruise in March?  No word yet.  Stay tuned....

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