Saturday, 1 June 2013


What a great time we had on this cruise.  Although our cruise has come and gone, I will keep this blog online to hopefully help others.  When I began this blog for our Cruise Critic roll call, my intention was to help others who were going to be on board as well.  

Since our cruise is over, I had no point to come back here.  However, I just booked another cruise and decided to start a new blog for that one so back I came to use this one as a template.  To my surprise, this blog is STILL receiving several hits a day due to google searches on information that is supplied here.  

Obviously, this blog is helping others locate travel information. Because of this, the blog will remain online in hopes of aiding people with their travel plans.  Realize that I will not be updating the information here.  All the information was accurate as of March 2013, so please keep this in mind while surfing around on this site.  

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Happy Travels all!


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