Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Spotlight Tortola - Cane Garden Bay Beach

For those who like lots of action, people watching and great beaches ... Cane Garden Bay is the place for you! Don't let its appearance from the water fool you. Behind that picture perfect, beach lies a very busy little village! There are several restaurants and bars, some of which are visible from your boat and others, like Myett's, are woven into the fabric of the lush Tortola landscape. (See our map for locations.)

Map of Cane Garden Bay

Once a sleepy village, Cane Garden Bay has become one of Tortola's most important destinations. Stay at a small hotel or guesthouse here, or stop by for lunch, dinner, or drinks at a seaside restaurant. You can find a few small stores selling clothing and basics such as suntan lotion, and one of Tortola's most popular beaches is at your feet. The roads in and out of this area are dauntingly steep, so use caution when driving.

    Contact Information

  • Address: Tortola
  • Location: North Shore

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