Friday, 11 January 2013

US Citizen - Duty Free and Customs

A few months ago, I was interested in knowing what I could bring back to the US from our cruise duty free through customs. So I did a bit of searching and found this webpage from CBP.

To sum it up for everyone, since our cruise stops at a U.S. insular possession (St.Thomas) we can bring back $1600 worth of duty free merchandise per person, AS LONG AS no more than $800 is from a NON U.S. insular possession.

You may bring back 1000 cigarettes as part of that $1600, AS LONG AS at least 800 of them are bought in a U.S. insular possession (St. Thomas).

Finally, you may bring back 5 liters of alcohol duty free, AS LONG AS at least 1 of them is from a U.S. insular possession (St. Thomas).

I just thought this would be a good time to share this. I hope that this helps everyone bring back as much duty free merchandise as possible! ~Stteenvoern (Steve)

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