Thursday, 24 January 2013

Spotlight St. Thomas - Paradise Point Bar and Cafe

Any savvy insider will tell you to head to this bar to watch the sunset. It's located 740 feet above sea level, across from the cruise-ship dock, and provides excellent photo ops and panoramic sunset views. Cruise-ship passengers, usually a middle-aged crowd, flock to this bar. A tram takes you up the hill. Get the bartender to serve you a Bushwacker (his specialty). You can also order inexpensive food here during the day, such as pizza, hot dogs, and hamburgers, beginning at $8. Happy hour, with discounted drinks, begins at 5pm. Don't take the tram up if you plan on staying until closing. The last tram down is at 5pm. Otherwise, drive yourself or call a cab. Open daily 9am-10pm.

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