Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Spotlight San Juan - Cuartro Sombras

**Trolley Stop #4**
If you want to try locally grown, single-origin, shade-grown coffee, this micro-roastery and café is the place to do it. Owners Pablo Muñoz and Mariana Suárez grow their beans in the mountains of Yauco on a recently revived hacienda that has been in Muñoz family since 1846. After years spent learning the best growing practices, they opened this cafe in early 2011 to take the fruits of their labor from "crop to cup." It's been attracting attention ever since. The wood planks that line the banquette are from repurposed coffee storage pallets, and the red accents that catch your eye throughout the room recall perfectly ripe coffee beans. The name Cuatro Sombras, or "four shades," refers to the four types of trees traditionally used in Puerto Rico to provide shade for coffee plants. And although it's the delicious, medium-bodied brew that steals the show, there's also a small but tasty menu of pastries and sandwiches.

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