Sunday, 16 December 2012

Spotlight on Grand Turk - Governor's Beach

Governor's Beach is located in southwestern Grand Turk not far from the harbor, and therefore sees a lot of activity on cruise ship days; at other times, this beach is a laid-back respite with an outstanding view. The stately Governor's residence is in plain view, and in spring and summer you could spot the odd flamingo. That's what's going on above the surface; under the sea there are some spectacular tropical fish and coral. Some of the most popular dive companies on Grand Turk include Blue Water Divers, Cecil Ingham's Sea Eye Diving and Oasis Divers -- all of which will help you arrange a snorkel or dive  trip of the area.
Also consider visiting Governor's Beach toward sunset in hopes of catching the "green flash," a visual phenomena where the sun's hue changes from reddish orange to bluish green before setting from sight.

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  1. Sarah this beach looks real nice. We've never walked that far down the beach.Never gone further than Jack's Shack(lol)and it's not to far from Jack's. I think we are going to have a beverage at Jack's and then take a walk to Governor's Beach.



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