Thursday, 27 December 2012

Spotlight on Grand Turk - Mookie Pookie Pizza Palace

Local husband-and-wife team "Mookie" and "Pookie" have created a wonderful backstreet restaurant that has gained well-deserved popularity over the years as much more than a pizza place. At lunchtime, the tiny eatery is packed with locals ordering specials such as steamed beef, curried chicken, and curried goat. You can also get burgers and omelets, but stick to the specials if you want fast service, and dine in if you want to get a true taste of island living. By night, the place becomes Grand Turk's only pizza takeout and delivery service

Contact Information

  • Address: Hospital Rd., Cockburn Town, Grand Turk
  • Phone: no phone
  • Location:Cockburn Town


    1. I've tried many different foods BUT never GOAT. I'm sure it doesn't taste like chicken. Sarah the heading for this post says "SPORTLIGHT" just letting you know. I'm not the spelling police that's for sure. I wish CC had a spell and grammar check.


    2. It was a see if you were paying attention lol

      Thanks, fixed it! :)

      1. Sarah you're welcome, glad I passed the test and you can be sure I'm always paying attention.(lol) This is the first time that a blog has been setup associated with a cruise that we are booked on and I think it's great...Their is only so much you can post on the roll call.



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