Monday, 10 December 2012

Drum Roll Please.....

Well, it's official - our cruise dircector will be Jeremy "Big Tex" Mayes

Big Tex


Here's an interview from John Heald's blog while Big Tex was CD on the Fantasy in 2007.

1 – My name is Jeremy Mayes, but everyone calls me Big Tex. Which I think is strange, since I’m from New Jersey…not really. It’s pretty self-explanatory. I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. Not to mention I’m 6ft 3in and just touch over three bills (hence the big part). I’ve been with Carnival a little over five years, and I’ve been a Cruise Director for just over a year. Coming to work at Carnival was just a side effect of my restlessness. As a college graduation gift, my Mom took me on a cruise. It was the Celebration out of Galveston and I remember the Cruise Director was Matt Goodwin. He looked like he was having so much fun, plus it looked like a job I would be good at. Realizing that job options were limited in my chosen field (Radio, Television and Film), I applied at Carnival and was hired a month later (that’s the short version; it’s pretty long story and you have better things to do than read it…).
2 – I’m currently serving in the capacity of Cruise Director onboard the Fantasy. The ship sails year-round from New Orleans on four and five-day cruises. The five-day cruise calls on Costa Maya and Cozumel, Mexico, while the four-day calls only on Cozumel.
3 – My two favorite tours for Costa Maya are the Mayan Culture Experience and the Off-Road Jeep Tour. The Mayan Culture Experience is a great supplement to any Mayan Ruins tour. If for no other reason because many people think that the Mayans just fell off the face of the earth one day. This couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, the present day Mayans in southern Mexico tell a completely different story. You actually get a feeling for what daily life was like for the Mayans. You also understand what the slow decline of their culture was all about. The Off-Road Jeep Tour gives you a chance to see the natural beauty of Costa Maya. It’s a relatively new port of call which lends itself so much more to the exquisite beauty of raw nature. Plus, what could be more fun than bumpin’ & jumpin’ in a Jeep with your friends, and don’t forget about the Mexican BBQ on the beach.
In Cozumel, my favorite tours are the Jungle ATV Adventure and Xcaret. The Jungle ATV Adventure is awesome! You get muddy and dirty while riding through the rainforest in Cozumel. Along the way, you spend time looking at Mayan Ruins and listening to some amazing stories from excellent, entertaining and friendly guides.
Xcaret is what I imagine the Garden of Eden must have looked like. It’s green and beautiful. There are little coves and beaches where you can steel away private moments with that special someone. There are animals and flowers and if that’s not enough, you can float down the underground river. Plus, the restaurants on-site are delicious!
4 – I think my favorite event is the Mardi Gras Party. Its two hours of craziness, up close and personal with our guests. We go from lounge to lounge, meeting and listening to the entertainers, having competitions, throwing beads, singing, dancing and much, much more. However, if you ever have the chance to do the party with me, just be prepared and bring your earplugs. I learned long ago that I wouldn’t be a rock star, but for those two hours I get the chance. If you can handle my rendition of Crocodile Rock or Sweet Home Alabama, you can handle anything.
5 – People should sail on the Carnival Fantasy because of all the ships I’ve had the privilege to serve on, the crew here are the friendliest, most hard-working group I’ve ever known. I think most of that is due to our guests. The folks who sail with us are laid-back and have that southern hospitality which makes you want give them your all. Also, you get to spend time in the Big Easy (one of America’s biggest party cities) before and after your cruise.
6 – The thing I love most about my job is the people. I get to work with so many wonderful people. Not just our guests, but the crew as well. I get to work with my favorite person in the whole world (and the prettiest dancer I’ve ever seen) my wife, Kimberley. I’ve been fortunate enough to not only have a job that I love, but I’ve also made friends for life. And more than anything, I’ve been able to see the world and experience so many different nationalities and cultures that I never would have, had I stayed in the suburbs all my life.
7 – My favorite story happens to be one that was shared with me not more than a few months ago. During one of the shows, I pick a lucky (or unlucky) lady to sing to. The lady that I chose that voyage stopped me as she was disembarking on the last morning of the cruise. She said she wanted to thank me for my song. I simply said your welcome and that it was nothing. She then began to explain to me that her husband had died one year ago. This cruise had been a gift from her family and friends to help cheer her up and get her moving back in the right direction. She had been so sad onboard without her husband, until the night I sang to her. She felt like her husband had been singing to her through me. She gave me a big hug and continued on her way. It was then, more than any other time, that I realized what I do is more than just a job. I don’t know why people are here, but it doesn’t matter. This could be someone’s 100th cruise, or the only one they’ll take in a lifetime. It’s my responsibility to give my best and my all EVERY day.
8 – My three favorite ports of call are St. Johns (because nothing goes better with fresh seafood than an Alexander Keith’s Honey Brown Ale), Cozumel (because there’s SO much to do and enjoy) and Acapulco (because of a restaurant in cliffs called Su Casa which provides an awesome view and their giant water park).
9 – I would love to visit Rome, Rhodes and Barcelona. Come to think of it, can I have John’s ship?
10 – If I could introduce anyone on stage, it would be the Fabulous John Heald. WHAT?!? I’m not getting brownie points for this??? Oh, well in that case, it would have to be Willie Nelson. He’s one of America’s greatest musical influences, not merely as a singer, but as a songwriter as well. Not to mention he takes up about 10% of my I-pod library.

Thanks Steven for the link for the updated cruise director schedule!  The current schedule can be found under General Ship Info on the right side bar of this blog.


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