Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Sapphire Beach Outting

Thanks to everyone who signed up! We’re going to have the BEST time on this beautiful beach! Because some of you are leaving for the port days earlier than me, and you may or may not have internet access…I’ll post a couple of info items here & now 

We expect to dock in St.Thomas (@ Havensight) at 8AM. We should be able to get off the ship probably by around 8:30 if not before. Oftentimes for me it was pretty quick! Please enjoy your breakfast that morning & then make your way to the gangway. Please try to be there a little before 9AM to allow time for finding me…so we can all board the open air taxis in a timely manner. This is only a half day excursion for all of us…so please be respectful of your fellow cruisemates & don’t make everyone wait for you!

Have with you:
1. Your S&S card (for returning to the ship later in the day)
2. Another form of photo ID (also for returning to the ship)
3. Cash or traveler’s check for paying Godfrey’s drivers ($20)
4. If you wish: Additional cash for the rental hut at Sapphire Beach (lounges, etc), and for any food or beverage purchase while at the beach (waiters walk the beach & take orders) and for tips to the drivers upon our return…at your discretion.
5. Bring the blue beach towels that your steward leaves in your cabin. Be sure to remember to take them back to the ship with you when we leave the beach! If they’re not returned to your cabin, you’ll find a $22 charge on your S&S account per towel. Do NOT bring the white towels from your bathroom.
6. Bring sunscreen & maybe a hat
7. You may wish to grab an orange or apple, or something else, at the buffet & bring it with you rather than buy a snack at the beach.
8. Bring your camera – excellent photo opps here!

I will be waiting outside the security gate with a small sign that says: “MIRACLE – SAPPHIRE BEACH”. Many of you will know what I look like by then!

Any questions … please ask! I think I covered everything, but if I didn’t, please let me know! 


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  1. Can you add my daughter and I?

    leewee-Leanne @ Victoria


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