Thursday, 1 November 2012

Parking Instructions

You just have to make 1 decision ahead of time: Are you going to hand over your luggage to the porters BEFORE you park or AFTER you park....

If you have a significant amount of luggage and you want to hand over your luggage FIRST...then drive up the ramp & continue straight. You should pull up your car by our ship (you will be able to see it) ...and there will be porters there taking the luggage. Don't forget to tip him a few bucks per bag. 

Then, you will have to go back down the ramp, and make a left at the bottom to pull back into the'll be making a left & then a left & then a 3rd'll be going in an extended circle to get back to the place where you're once again driving UP the ramp. THIS TIME, however, rather than driving straight, you will make an almost immediate right and continue up an additional ramp to the top (parking) deck. 

There will be barriers guiding you to the payment booth. If you arrive before 10AM they will let you pay, but you will have to pull aside and wait before they'll let you park. Once you ARE actually parked, walk back toward the beginning of the lot (toward the city) and go inside the terminal building itself & take the escalator down to the street-level where you will see employees who will guide you through the waiting & checking-in process.

IF YOU WANT TO PARK FIRST: Just drive up the ramp & go to the right, as above....park your car....very easy and very accessible. Before you park there will be a security check with a bomb sniffing dog. You will have to pop your trunk.

Then you will drag all of your own luggage downstairs & hand it over & then start check in. People have said they've seen porters on the parking deck...but honest to God, in 20-something cruises I've never seen one at embarkation.

I usually arrive just prior to 10AM...but that's because I'm a compulsive control can arrive any time really...there's tons of space!

Information supplied by CV322

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