Thursday, 8 November 2012

Curious as to what's happening with the Sunshine?

Carnival Cruise Lines is in the process of completely refurbishing one of the most memorable ships from its past, the former Carnival Destiny is being remade as "Carnival Sunshine." Carnival is remodeling the ship, moving walls to add a number of new public rooms, completely redecorating all of the staterooms, adding new dining spots and repurposing many of the public rooms as space for added staterooms.

Carnival Destiny was launched in 1996 as the first cruise ship ever over 100,000-gross tons. I still recell being awed by her size in New York Harbor. Essentially, she looked a little bit like previous Carnival ships, but it wasn't just that she had more decks (which she did), but the all important first impression she exuded was sheer size; Everything about her was just bigger, wider, taller and longer. It was like a regular Carnival cruise ship had been blown up like a balloon.
Inside she was even more impressive. The previous approach of adding gilt to the walls to create the Carnival "Funship" atmosphere had been taken to the next level, the excitement wasn't added to the structure, it was built into the structure. Destiny was the first of the truly Farcusian (interior design by Joe Farcus) ships and from the "Downbeat Lounge" Jazz showroom to the the "Club 88" piano bar, she immersed you in Farcusian Funship fantasy.

Well... Destiny will soon be replaced by Carnival Sunshine, essentially an all new cruise ship remade under the influence of new CEO Gerry Cahill and re-designed by more subdued designers than Joe Farcus.

For more info and pics of the Carnival Sunshine's referbishment, CLICK HERE

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