Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sad to See FCC's go

This makes me sad.  I was planning on getting one on our March cruise for a Mediterranean cruise we are planning to take in 2014.  Unfortunately, I don't believe the itineraries will be our by then so booking on board won't be an option.

"Industry giant Carnival plans to do away with a popular program that lets customers in the midst of a cruise get extra savings when they commit to another trip.
Under the terms of the Future Carnival Vacations Program, as it's called, passengers who deposit $100 for a future cruise while on board a vessel receive certificates worth up to $200 per cabin in on-board credits.

Carnival tells USA TODAY it will eliminate the program on its ships later this month, although it will honor existing certificates.

News of the change, which trickled out over the past few days at cruise fan sites, is drawing criticism from frequent cruisers and cruise-selling travel agents"

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  1. Maria (Elationismyship)17 September 2012 at 16:19

    So sad to see this one go too -- we bought these each cruise.


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