Saturday, 4 August 2012

News back from a Breeze cruiser re: new Chair Hogging Policy

Crazychix wrote:
"The stickers were fantastic, the guy would place a sticker at the time he saw the chair without anybody sat down and returned around 40 - 45 mins later - removing the towels/books/shades/clothing. He removed the sticker, chair becomes available. Simple.

It was very funny watching everyones faces when they returned, but no-one ever said a word, they looked very embarrassed

By the 4th sea day, we were very tired stayed in bed, had lunch around 1.30pm and to our surprise, lots of sunbeds free......fantastic. Had the policy not been introduced, we would never have sailed CCL again, (this was our first Carnival cruise) but my faith has been restored....Well done"

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