Sandy's Cruise Kit Essentials

Sandy (SKeighley) has come up with a great kit that she takes on each cruise.  This handly, compact kit fits perfectly in the nightstand:

I use a clear 9” by 9” plastic container with a sealed top for my kit.
I put the following items in it: 

*Flat first aid kit. (A few antiseptic swaps, bandaids etc. Typically a campers type from Wal Mart is perfect)
*Small Flash Light.
*Sewing Kit ( buy at $ store)./ A few safety pins.
*One small container of Purell hand sanitizer
*An off brand Gerber multi-tool. It has a knife, small pliers, etc. Handy for everything from cutting a string off a frayed edge to using the pliers when ultimately your luggage zipper is caught.
*Eye Glass repair kit. / eye glass cleaner kit or wipes
*A combination corkscrew/bottle opener
*5 to 10 wet one individual wipes. Throw a few in your pocket at each port. You can never tell when you will have a chance to clean up before a lunch or after a long day of touring.
*SHOUT individual stain remover packets./ Tide Stick
*Two rolls of Tums. / Immodium AD, once again for all of over indulgence and port visits.
*Small travel size aspirin or Tylenol 
*A tube of nail glue. (I always seem to break a nail and want to save it)can also be used to repair other things.
*Clear nail polish for saving those nylons
*A bungee cord (for the balcony rooms)
*Couple of pens, for some reason we can never find one to write a note or jot something down. *Also a highlighter for the Fun Times
*Zip ties. These are the ties usually to hold audio video cables together (you've some the much larger ones used as plastic handcuffs in riot situations on t.v. etc.) We always put these as a lock on our luggage, not so much to keep anyone out but to keep the bag from opening inadvertently. They can be taken off by security if necessary very easily, plus it lets you know immediately if someone has been in your bag.
*A couple of miniature chip type clips. We always use ours on the window drapes to keep sunlight out early in the morning.
*A miniature bottle of OFF insect repellant. Also a small tube of sun screen that you can take with you in port.
*Extra batteries for the book light or electrical game

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