Hidden Gems in Tortola

Baths at Virgin Gorda
The most well-known attraction on the island, these giant boulders or batholiths, brought to the surface by volcanic eruptions, are scattered about forming a beautiful grotto and tranquil pools.

"In Tortola I think I'm going back to the Baths at Virgin Gorda...that beach was exceptional."~cv322

"From what I've read in other people's posts you can do that more economically than the Carnival excursion if you take the ferry and a taxi or bus" ~Jeff and Dawn

Dolphin Discovery
Dolphin Discovery 

"We did the dolphin swim in 2010 with Dolphin Discovery. We decided to book separately, not with the cruise and they gave us a discount for early booking. My dad and grandpa were able to watch from the side and take pictures. They also give you 4 pictures and a DVD for a minimal amount. Amazing Experience." ~ NC22

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