Hidden Gems In San Juan

The Butterfly People
"Probably most of you have already been to San Juan, but just in case you haven't visited the Butterfly People, I really recommend it. We have bought a small butterfly collection for one of our rooms each time we have been there. They wrap them well and they travel well and they stay nice on your wall for years. Butterfly People, 257 Calle de la Cruz. To the west of the pier. See website as it even shows prices." ~Paddy41

The Trolley:
"Last time there I took the free on/off trolley around Old San Juan. It takes you to the fort so this is an easy (and cheap) way to see the fort without paying the ship prices. Look for flags indicating the trolley stops. There is a stop near the pier. And there is one near the Butterfly People." ~Paddy41

"hopping the trolley in san juan and checking out the area - last time there we hopped on a bus and took a small tour, wandered old san juan, found amazing food from a street vendor and ended up at a small quaint bar/restaurant right across from the pier."  ~wheretheboatleavesfrom

"There are casinos inside the hotels. I believe the closest one is in the Sheraton which is right near the pier." ~Paddy41

"Puerto Rican coffee beans make a great gift or take some home for yourself. I found a place right near the pier. It was a coffee shop but they sold the beans. $15 lb though which is kind of steep. But they were good." ~Paddy41

Forts of Old San Juan:
"For the historians and anyone fascinated with architecture or just plain old pirates I highly recommend checking this place out. The views of the ocean were incredible and you learn a lot of San Juan's history here." ~JetBlue

Caribe Hilton:
"It is phenomenal! Beautiful. You can get a day pass and enjoy their pools. It is situated right next to one of the Forts so you can walk thru there as well. I'm not sure of the current cost of the day pass, but I can't tell you enough how well worth it is. This place is so relaxing, they have the best Mojitos. The lounge chairs are literally everywhere. You can sit right on the water or at the pool." ~Longing to cruise Lisa
**side note** I have emailed them re: day passes and prices - will update when I get a response - Sarah

Tour by Taxi
"You can also just get off the ship and any of the numerous taxi and tour operators will take you on the tour for $15 pp. They will customize to your request. The usual tour is through New and Old San Juan and then time at a locals beach if you like or a drop into town for shopping and then walk back to the ship." ~Longing to cruise Lisa

May want to skip...
Bacardi Rum Factory - "While they gave you two (small) samples they refused to let you into the actual factory and instead showed you around a glorified museum. Definitely don't think this was worth our time." ~JetBlue

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